Are You Giving Your Gifts Away?

Picture yourself standing in front of me holding the most magnificent gift you have ever seen. It is wrapped with pristine perfection, exquisite and ornate bountiful bows enveloping it. You can feel the glow of it's contents emanating outwards, and the anticipation of seeing me open this wondrous gift has you giddy like a 5-year-old … Continue reading Are You Giving Your Gifts Away?

What Are You Holding Back?

I'm reading Marianne Williamson's, "Everyday Grace" right now, and this quote struck me so profoundly when I read it the other day, I wanted to share it. Anita Moorjani, who I spoke of in my last blog post, spoke about this same sort of principle - that if we withhold our magnificence from the world, and keep … Continue reading What Are You Holding Back?

Express Your Self ~ Living Life Out of Your Inner Joy

I consistently need to remind myself to live my life as an expression of Who I Am, instead of meeting each day like a hungry sponge, needing to be filled, so I can be Who I Am. When I make plans for my weekend, whimsically summoning visions of peace-filled journeys and forays into nature, it’s … Continue reading Express Your Self ~ Living Life Out of Your Inner Joy