Rise Again: A Memoir

I was a typical middle-class mother of three living in the idyllic red rocks of Sedona, AZ. Everyone thought we had the perfect family. But, the truth was, we’d just lost everything – our home, my career as a TV Host, and twenty-one people we loved. Not only that, but my husband was becoming another victim of America’s opioid epidemic. Now, I must face the truth of his addiction before he becomes death #22.

It was 3 a.m. and the kids were sleeping, but I lay awake counting the seconds between my husband’s breaths, wondering, “Will this be the night this addiction finally kills him?” After a decade of failed interventions, I finally kicked him out. Left to recover our lives from the effects of his addiction – ransacking my home for drugs, filing Protection Orders and police reports – I was determined to divorce him. But, the moment I saw him again in court, I recognized the man I fell in love with, sober forty-some days now. I hated him, I loved him…could I ever forgive him?

Told with electrifying honesty and suspense, Rise Again is an unlikely story of forgiveness and redemption that speaks to an ever-growing epidemic of opiate abuse in America that affects families everywhere. But, it’s not just a story about addiction – its about love, overcoming unimaginable betrayal and hurt, and the power of the human spirit to turn tragedy to triumph; to overcome, and rise again. 

Megan is currently seeking representation for Rise Again. For inquiries, please email her at Megan.Aronson23@gmail.com. 

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About Megan

Untitled designMegan is a Writer, Speaker, Changemaker and Blogger. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Megan has shared her incredible RISE AGAIN story at the international This Is My Brave show, on the Voices for Change 2.0 podcast, 90.3 WHPC’s Our Voices’s show in New York, through numerous speaking engagements, on her blog and on Twitter, where she has over 12,000 followers. She is also a Contributing Author for DivorceForce.com, YourTribute.com and OpenToHope.com.

Megan’s 9-minute talk, “I Don’t Need Help” from Sedona’s This Is My Brave has been viewed thousands of times and resulted in an invitation to open the 3rd Annual Mental Health Summit at Cliff Castle Casino with this dramatic recount of her story.

In her previous life as the host of “Out & About with Megan,” she had the chance to meet and interview celebrities like Ed Asner (he flirted!), Rick Schroeder (I flirted!), Lainie Kazaan (the Greek Mama from My Big Fat Greek Wedding!), Nick Nolte (yes, he is kind of crazy even in person), and James Redfield (The Celestine Prophecy). In her time at the TV station, she co-produced dozens upon dozens of commercials, videos and online video content.

She has appeared on AZTV’s AM Arizona several times promoting Sedona, AZ and her previous blog, “Parenting Alive.”

Megan has also worked in public relations, marketing, advertising and sales, promoting local businesses through ad campaigns, press releases, and social media.

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