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NOTE: Please “follow” this blog or email me at Megan.Aronson23@gmail.com to get updates on upcoming events, classes, workshops & more!!!! Due to the overwhelming response to Mindful Mamas, Megan is currently hatching up plans for more classes coming soon. Please check back soon for dates and details!

A 6-Week Collaborative Class & Workshop

Class Description:

Join us in this collaborative, spirited class as we work together to incorporate practical tools of awareness, vision, mindfulness, stillness, creativity and connection…to create our own magnificent lives.  I challenge you to make time for this course once a week – to put yourself first!

Some of the topics we may focus on together are:

How to use simple daily tools to keep a channel for creativity & inspiration open

  • The power of stillness & quiet reflection to help you create meaning & connection
  • Creating more balance between energy-sucking & energy-giving activities in your life
  • How to find joy in the mundane activities of Motherhood
  • The power of setting intentions & living in gratitude to shift your perspective

Additional information here.

NOTE: You MUST register for this class by August 31 if you wish to attend. Email me at Megan.Aronson23@gmail.com to sign up!


Q. What is the purpose or the intended outcome of this workshop?

A:  The purpose is to help you create more connection, meaning & balance in your life – to uncover and unfold into a Version 2.0 of your life, where you make time to do the things that make your heart sing. Incorporating practical tools of awareness, vision, mindfulness, stillness, gratitude, creativity and connection, we will work together to create our own magnificent lives.

Hands-on tools and exercises will offer the opportunity to deepen your connection with yourself and others, and your ability to express yourself creatively. These exercises will help you see what is keeping you from having more connection, creativity and balance in your life, and then figure out how to create it.

By the end of the course, you should have a clear idea of which tools work best for you, and a plan for daily practices that will keep you balanced & connected.

Megan Aronson

Gladys Movassaghi of Advanced Hair Designs gave me this fabulous new do recently after wearing my hair long since I was 17! I love it! One lucky Mindful Mama will also receive a COMPLETE MAKEOVER!

Q: How do I qualify for the “Complete Makeover” raffle prize, and other raffle prizes? 

A: I am excited to announce that Advanced Hair Designs (located in Sedona, across from New Frontiers) has generously donated 3 amazing raffle prizes for our Mindful Mamas to win! Each week that you attend, you will receive a raffle ticket entering you into the giveaway! At our last class Oct. 8, we will hold the drawing and announce the winners (must be present to win).

Part of the theme of this workshop is MAKING intentional time for yourself. I know how hard it is to find time for a little pampering & beauty treatments, so this raffle will offer 3 of our Mamas a chance to indulge!

Grand Prize:  Grand prize is a Complete Makeover! Includes hair cut, color, highlights & style!*

Prize #2: An Ion Repair Solution Shampoo & Treatment & fabulous duffle bag

Prize # 3: A Beauty Control Manicure Spa Hand Treatment 

*Prize winner must use this fabulous prize on herself! May not be gifted, transferred, etc. Prize must be redeemed by Oct. 31, 2013. 

Q: How will this Workshop operate?

A: Each week, the curriculum and lesson plan will be mapped out to take you on a journey within – to investigate & overcome obstacles, restore your connection with yourself, find more balance, learn mindfulness & gratitude practices, & begin charting out new dreams.

I will be interweaving personal stories, inspiration from renowned authors, & lessons on each topic with creative, wonderful hands-on exercises you will complete in class, group discussions, & quiet self-reflection. You will receive hand-outs, additional printed materials & curriculum, resources, journal prompts, etc. to help guide you.

You will have the opportunity to share your ah-ha moments with the class, or keep them private – whatever makes you most comfortable.

Q. What supplies will I need?

A. Just a few simple things you should be able to pick up at the drugstore, Wal-Mart, or dollar store. Please bring these to each class.

A lined 8.5 x 11 journal, spiral notebook, or lined paper in a binder – choose one that speaks to you, and beckons you to write in it! This will be your space of opening up and unfolding. We will be working out many of the in-class and homework assignments in this notebook, so that you will be able to go back and reflect on your journey anytime, and have everything in one place.

A pen, of course!

I will provide a Welcome Packet at the first class including a 2 pocket-folder for printed materials, assignments, resources, etc.-  this way you can keep it all in one place. 

We may be creating some mini-projects in class that would require some simple materials you could find around the house or at the drugstore. I will let you know in advance if you need to bring anything to the following class. 

Q. Who will benefit from taking this class?

A. This curriculum comes straight from my heart to yours. I have poured my whole self into creating deeply meaningful and effective lessons and exercises that will be mixed with fun and humor, and of course, some profound soul-opening along the way.

Women of any age can benefit from this class. My hope is that you will find that this course brings you innnnnn-spiration that you carry with you throughout the week, giving you more joy to share with your family, friends, co-workers. Your husband and kids will make sure you don’t miss the class each week after they see the difference in you!

Q. Is there a maximum number of students allowed? And is there a cut-off date for registration?

A. Yes, for this class, we will be taking only 10-12 people maximum to ensure an intimate environment for self-exploration. The registration cut-off date is August 30. Your spot is reserved when you have paid the $20 registration fee, which will be applied toward the first 2 classes.

Q. What is the cost? How do I pay? 

A: $90, or receive a discount and pay only $60 if you pay in full on or before (date to be determined).

A $30 registration fee is due by (date to be determined) and will be applied towards the first 2 classes. After that, the cost is $15/class (cash or check only). No refunds.

Full and partial scholarships are available based on need. Email me at Megan.Aronson23@gmail.com to apply.

Q. If I sign up now and find that I cannot participate, or if any other reason arises, can I get a refund?

A. I hope you will think carefully about whether this is the right time in your life to take part of this powerful course. Because of the preparation that must take place long before the class begins and simply because of logistics, refunds are not available once the course is purchased. I know you understand.

Q. Are drop-in’s allowed? 

A. A few women have asked if drop-in’s are allowed and upon further consideration, I will not be offering drop-ins at this time. I hope you will set the intention to be present for all 6 weeks, so you will receive the most benefit from it. If you feel you may have to miss more than 1 or 2 classes, please consider signing up for a future workshop.

I know things come up in our busy Mama lives, so, if you do have to miss a class for some reason, class notes will be posted in the private Facebook group with “homework challenges” so you can catch up, and follow along with us.

Q. How do I register?

A. You can register by emailing me at Megan.Aronson23@gmail.com. You will then receive a confirmation email outlining payment methods/options.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. I’m happy to help you! Just contact me at Megan.Aronson23@gmail.com.

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