To the Boy Who Crashed His Car Today

There was a boy on the side of the road today on his knees, his hands in his hair, desperation and shame on his face. His car sat before him, smashed and mangled, gnarled into itself. I only saw his eyes for a moment as I passed, yet still they haunted me. I wanted to … Continue reading To the Boy Who Crashed His Car Today

I Lost Everything…And Got It All Back: We Survived America’s Opioid Crisis

Five years ago, I didn't have a future. I had an addict for a husband, chaos for a life, food stamps for groceries, and three small children. I had dreams, but they seemed impossible given all those other things I just mentioned. When I asked my husband to leave, I lost everything...again. For the three-thousandth … Continue reading I Lost Everything…And Got It All Back: We Survived America’s Opioid Crisis

Rising Strong, Rising Again, & Raising Each Other

There's information all over the internet about how to overcome challenges, how to be successful, how to stay motivated, how to cope with loss. But, they're sanitized, and often aimed at some sweeping happy ending. Our uncanny inclination to focus on the positive often glosses over how do we actually, step by step, get up and rise again after a fall? I think what we need more of is seeing behind the curtain, behind the facade. What are the real struggles our friends and family face? What do they wrestle with daily? What challenges do they face, and how do they get through them?

What Are You Holding Back?

I'm reading Marianne Williamson's, "Everyday Grace" right now, and this quote struck me so profoundly when I read it the other day, I wanted to share it. Anita Moorjani, who I spoke of in my last blog post, spoke about this same sort of principle - that if we withhold our magnificence from the world, and keep … Continue reading What Are You Holding Back?